The White Van Cometh

11th August 2016

Let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of traffic in Chapel Lawn, but one thing we’ve seen a lot of in the past six months is White Vans – but then again it is a fair way to any of the major high street retailers! Not a day seems to go by without something for The School House B&B being delivered – we must've had in the region of 100 deliveries in total, including no less than five yesterday.

At first it was the 'hardware' such as taps, door locks, shower screens, satellite broadband equipment, building supplies and so on. Then when we were researching things like toiletries and tea/coffee it was samples - always appreciated. Then the bigger furniture items started arriving - sofas, beds, mattresses and carpets...oh so many carpets! Lately it's been the softer stuff like curtains, kitchen equipment and all the finishing touches for the rooms.

We're practically on first name terms with some of the drivers - one even took one of our B&B leaflets the other day. But the most amusing sight yesterday was of two drivers from completely different courier companies who knew each other, shaking hands and having a good long chat at our garden gate! It's comforting to know that we've been party to an old buddy reunion in the White Van Clan...

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